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Hi Bennington!
This past week (May 16th through May 22nd, 2021) is officially designated as “EMS Week”; an opportunity for everyone to recognize and appreciate the incredible, brave work that our emergency medical workers do day in and day out to respond to our needs in the most dire of situations. 
This year in particular, our EMS workers across the nation have been on the front lines, both in responding to day to day emergencies, but also in bearing the extra burden of responding to any and all Covid 19 related emergencies. We as a nation owe them a great debt of gratitude for selflessly stepping up in the face of danger, and putting their own welfare and safety behind the welfare of the communities they serve.
Here at The Blue Benn Diner, we have been given the honor to do our small part to say thank you to these heroic first responders. We have offered a free meal to the entire emergency squad serving Bennington, Vermont, to be redeemed at their convenience. Thank you to Morgan Oldham for giving us this opportunity to say thank you!

Stay safe, and well fed!
John Getchell and the staff of The Blue Benn Diner

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